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Cash Flow Analysis

Alliant performs a Cash Flow Analysis of each client’s proposed property development of property purchase. This Analysis is intended to establish the adequacy of projected net cash flow in comparison to the anticipated obligation and timing of debt service arising from this investment.

Due Diligence

Alliant aides its clients, whether buyer or seller, in the comprehensive process of determining what is pertinent and integral to consider, inspect and investigate relating to real property prior to:

  • Consummating a purchase or loan transaction (as buyer), or
  • Marketing the property (as seller)

This overview provides a structured, efficient and analytical approach and guidelines addressing:

  • Environmental factors
  • Geo-technical data
  • Code compliance
  • Title Concerns
  • Approvals & Entitlements
  • Appraisal information & value
  • Review and fact-gathering of substantive information


Alliant engages and collaborates with the client in a manner that promotes continuing information sharing and mutual understanding.

Securing Financing

Alliant can assist in researching and soliciting leading lending institutions and/or investors, on behalf of our clients, and serve as intermediary for our client in structuring and securing their needed equity financing.

Zone Assistance

Alliant provides professional assistance to the client to expedite and secure the removal of contingencies and other impediments pertaining to the proposed purchase or sale of real property.